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    Musiques Relaxantes et de Méditation

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  • Musiques d'Orient


    Amithaba Land

    Song of the Pureland

    Cithare Vietnamienne
    Son Blog ici

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  • Vladiswar Nadishana

    Touching The World Lines Nadishana

    Window into Micro world

    4th Race Live in Haus der Sinn/ Excerpts

    Nadishana - solo on hybrid kaval

    Hybrid Kaval is an experimental instrument elaborated by my friend David Faulwasser.
    It's made with the idea of multi-style playing in mind.
    It is possible to use different playing positions on it: turkish (over the right side of the lips), persian (between upper front teeth),

    khakass khobrakh flute style (between upper 2nd and 3rd tooth), shakuhachi position.
    The playing tube is interchangable: you can use 8-hole turkish kaval system or 9-hole armenian blul system.
    It is chromatic and have the range of 3 octaves.

    Osuna - folk fusion ensemble

    OSUNA is a multicultural project which takes you to musical jorney through different ethnic cultures.
    Khakas odd meters are blending here with norwegian yoik, turkish saz is accompanying the slovak fujara...

    There are the excerpts from the OSUNA concert in Berlin,
    "Haus der Sinne" 24.04.2008

    Raphael De Cock - throat singing, vocals, chatkhan, chanzy
    Emre Gultekin - saz, vocals
    Vladiswar Nadishana - udu, frame drum, hybrid kaval, fujara, dan moi, khomus, overtone flute

    The Dance of Ancient Kuzhebar Aborigines

    Alwan - Nay By Day

    Hanno Di Rosa - oud
    Mohammed Askari - nay
    Beo Brockhausen - keys
    Vladiswar Nadishana - udu, percussion

    4th Race Trio at Musicastrada Festival

    4th Race trio "Twisted Dance" at Bocca Di Marga

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